Klear is a fantastic line of liquids that are suitable for every step in a manicure treatment.
All products are manufactured in Europe and are all vegan and cruelty free.
These Klear fluids can be used in combination with any brand you work with.

  • Sanifiner: An antibacterial and anti-fungal liquid with a pleasant odor that can be used to disinfect skin, tools and other work materials.
  • Velvet Scrub: A degreaser, dehydrating agent and disinfectant in one!
  • The Fast and soakable: A soak off remover that allows you to remove gel varnish, gel polish or BIAB™ from the natural nails without damaging them.
  • Acetone: A solvent used to remove acrylic nails or stubborn nail polish.
  • Alcohol 70%: A disinfectant to clean skin, instruments and surfaces.
  • Hand disinfection Densept 70%: Ready-to-use hand disinfection gel with 70% alcohol.

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