BIAB™ is the flagship of the Gelbottle.

Builder in a Bottle, abbreviated BIAB™, is a great soak off builder gel with an integrated primer and bonder.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that this is a BUILDER and not a base. A BIAB™ is stronger than a (pigmented) rubber base. So never say rubber base to the Gelbottle BIAB™! It's Builder in a Bottle, not Base in a Bottle :)

The great success of the Gelbottle BIAB™ is in the fact that it is stronger than a rubber base. But at the same time more flexible than a classic hard gel.
So it is best of both worlds, namely
  1. Flexible such as rubber base. This will make sure that you can also help people with hard natural nails. The flexibility of the BIAB™ will compensate for the natural hardness of the nails by offering a little extra flexibility.
  2. And then as second it is almost as strong as a builder so you can help people with very flexible soft natural nails as well. The BIAB™ will therefore offer extra firmness.
As you can see, BIAB™ is a very versatile product that you will be able to apply to many customers.

But why choose BIAB™?
Well, because it has the fantastic combination of flexibility and strength, you can build very slim and thin artificial nails without creating too much thickness. With hard gel you handle a minimum thickness of 2/3 mm to ensure the firmness and to ensure that the gel/acrylique nails do not get any cracks or pieces. With BIAB™ you can really strive for a thickness of 1 mm. This makes it possible to offer a thinner and therefore natural and beautiful nail without looking like an artificial nail, and now let that be exactly what the customers want.

In addition, we have noticed that BIAB™ effectively ensures healthier and nicer natural nails. For example, BIAB™ has a self-pinching effect that will make the customer's natural c-curve slimmer and so make the natural nail looks more elegant. Another +point for the customers.
Also, many customers confirm that they feel that their natural nails are getting stronger, even when there is no BIAB™ on the nails. Please note that these are not permanent changes. When the customer stops the treatment, the natural c-curve will take its original shape again.

Need another reason to offer BIAB™? What did you think about your own convenience!?
The Gelbottle BIAB™ has a creamy perfect self-leveling texture that makes it almost unnecessary to file. However, it does not run too hard, making application really simple.
So it's not only more pleasant for your customers, you too will be more comfortable and have more fun building the nails.

In addition, the BIAB™’s are soakable in contrast to a hard gel. However, I do not do this as you will build up with BiAB™ and thus add thickness. If you are going to soak this, you will expose the natural nails to acetone for too long, which will dry out the natural nails too hard.
But you still have customers who want this, and it is absolutely possible! Explain the disadvantages to them.
PLEASE NOTE: The BIAB™ Clear and BIAB™ White are not soakable and can only be filed off!

In addition, it has an integrated primer and bonder, which is also unique. So you don't have to buy any other products and that will reduce your cost per treatment.
NOTE: The BIAB™ Clear and BIAB™ White have no primer or bonder to prevent yellowing. Here you always have to put a thin layer of the Gelbottle Rubberbase of the Gelbottle BIAB™ colored under!

The primer and bonder ensure that BIAB™ has a phenomenal adhesion, allowing customers to easily enjoy perfect manicured nails for 3 to 4 weeks.

The BIAB™'s are perfect for strengthening natural short to medium-long nails. You may want to extend the natural nail if one is shorter, although I limit it to a repair. You will then work in the same way as with a hard gel (first place the form and creat the extension that you may file in shape and build up afterwards).

The Builder in a Bottle comes in a unique 20ml bottle with a brush. This allows you to place about 30 to 45 sets depending on the length of the natural nail and how thick you build.

In short, the Gellottle BIAB™ is a new category in nail land, and currently the only one of its kind!


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