Wondering who Marjolijn is? Let me introduce myself.
I am Marjolijn, 33 years old, married to my childhood sweetheart Tim, mother of a spicy boy and an eternal busy bee.
In June 2011 I successfully completed my studies at the KU Leuven and started working full time quickly, also at the KULeuven. It soon turned out that the ordinary ‘9 to 5’ life was not entirely my thing. With time too much and finally a little extra money (as I worked) I signed up, really at the last moment (I even missed the first 2 lessons haha) for a course in Nail Styling. And although I had my nails done for years, had a lot of interest in beauty and nails, I never thought I was going to like it so much and take it so seriously. But in April 2012, I opened in my house in Holsbeek, Nagelstudio Marjolijn. For seven years I took with great pleasure and passion care of my clients nails every Friday and a few evenings.
But my love for nail styling and everything around it was bigger than that. And a combination of circumstances (bore-out at the KULeuven, a commercial center at cycling distance that came free and a region that was free to distribute for products (1+1+1=3)) made me in 2018 decide to take the leap into the unknown, my dream to live up and start my own wholesale business. On March 2, 2018 I opened the Nagelcentrum in Wilsele. Besides the wholesale and training center I still run my nail studio (with as much love and fun as before).
In addition to the fact that I am providing training, I myself have also followed many courses including some national (Anastasiya O’Va) and international nail stylists and - schools such as Murieva Madina (Russia), Viktoria School (Russia), Nail Revolution (Kiev, Ukraine), Tracey Lee (Netherlands) and Tanya Savchenko (Netherlands).
I strive to build an open and transparent relationship with all my customers. Everyone is always welcome for advice and guidance and I will always pass on my honest opinion and knowledge.
I therefore deliberately choose to sell only products that I myself support 200%, are satisfied with and use. What I do not use or what I am not satisfied with myself you will not find in the shop. This may explain why you can't find certain products from the brands we distribute.
This makes sure that I also really try to be a partner for you and your business and not just a wholesaler.
Together we are stronger!
So everyone very welcome to your second home ;)
Lots of love and hopefully we will meet eachother soon!